8 February 2017

Specialist Practice Group - Construction

Marketing Team

At Forum 2016 in Sitges, we announced a new initiative called “Success through Specialism”; aimed at helping Network Members develop expertise across a range of industry and sectors such as Construction, Food & Drink, Leisure & Hospitality and Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

This initiative was supported by Willis Towers Watson’s own industry Practice leaders who imparted their own knowledge, experience and understanding of these sectors for the benefit of Network Members. At Live! 2016, we introduced two further specialisms – Transportation and Retail.

Fast forward to January 18th when we launched our first Practice Group for the construction sector. Hosted by Julie McCarthy, Declan Murray, John Neill and supported by AXA, the day was filled with a mix of market statistics, technical content and practical marketing support.

Some of the key highlights of the day included:

  • AXA presented in detail about new construction methods and the potential hazards they provide – citing the Nottingham University fire disaster, typical faults encountered during construction and what the current Insurer appetite is for recovery.
  • Julie McCarthy gave an overview of the macro construction environment detailing the size of the market, number of businesses operating at different levels and the geographical concentration of projects under development.
  • Declan Murray spoke about the intricacies and strategies to adopt when developing a marketing plan including emarketing, website, PR and data.
  • John Neill discussed how to implement a sales culture and the steps to take when developing a sales campaign.

Throughout the day, there was much discussion from Network Members on the challenges they face and the complexities of the construction industry. The common desire among all attendees was to make the most of the Practice Group and learn from each other.

A number of good ideas emerged such as:

  • Creating a catalogue that lists the contact details and;
  • Areas of expertise for each attendee which will be shared with the Group.

The feedback from attendees was exceptionally positive and the desire to really compete in this industry is clearly evident. We are currently working on the details for the next Practice Group and we very much look forward to continuing with this momentum.

If you should have any queries relating the Specialism Practice Groups, please contact us.

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