20 September 2018

Engaging and winning more clients

Marketing Team

A happy and motivated team makes work a great place to be and importantly, positivity in the workplace supports accelerated business growth. Times are changing and so are the ways brokers and importantly, their clients work and want to be engaged.

For instance, have you thought about abandoning 9-5 working? After all, many clients want access to services outside of these hours. Also, how much do you use technology to cut down on travel and impart knowledge?

We work closely with our Network Members on when and how best to engage with their clients, how messaging can be presented and how to get better responses from clients. We even enable Network Member clients’ to have direct access to their own policy documents and other vital information via their mobile, so that such information is available 24/7. www.wtwnetworks.com/network-benefits/mybroker-app.

We recognise the importance of ensuring their staff are confident in delivering advice to clients, Our Business School’s vast training programme supports personal development in many ways. Just two examples are, our:

  • 15 minute technical webinars: allowing staff to learn in “bite sized pieces” whilst not moving away from their desk, and,
  • Young Professionals Community: a one year development programme for younger, less experienced staff, designed to ensure our Network Members are getting the best from the millennial attitude to working. www.wtwnetworks.com/network-benefits/business-school 

At the other end of the business scale we help Network Members with succession planning and can even help facilitate an exit route if and when the need arises. Full discretion is given in any discussion with the aim of making such a process as simple and as easy as possible.

Find out more about how we help you achieve your goals www.wtwnetworks.com/about-us/shared-values 

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