20 September 2018

Who said “do not let the truth get in the way of a good story”?

Marketing Team

Willis Towers Watson Networks has proven a very attractive choice for independent brokers looking for proactive support to grow their business.

This year:

  • SEVEN new Network Members have joined our family,
  • we have strengthened our insurer relationships with an increased focus on placement,
  • we have launched an exclusive initiative “3-0-10” which rewards clients with good claims records,
  • we have extended certain exclusive partnerships to create probably the largest London Market access available to independent brokers, and,
  • Over 15% of Network Members have committed to 10 year deals, substantially extending their already longstanding relationships with Willis Towers Watson Networks.

The truth is, our network continues to successfully evolve to meet the ever changing needs of our Network Members. So why not talk to us to get the full picture for yourself and understand what we can do for you. (Oh, and the quote was attributed to Mark Twain)


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