9 July 2018

And back to making GDPR work for you with MyAcquire

Marketing Team

Network Members have access to our free CRM system, “MyAcquire” which has been upgraded to ensure all marketing campaigns and data captured can be simply managed to ensure it is compliant with GDPR requirements.

Our free system comes with unlimited free support and free on-going training all from your Willis Towers Watson Networks team. There is no third party, or call centre, just our own in-house dedicated team who provide friendly, knowledgeable and practical advice that is understandable and useful. There are no licence fees or ongoing administrations costs either – it’s all free!

See more at www.wtwnetworks.com/network-benefits/marketing-campaign-tools

Ask Kathy or John to arrange a free demonstration of MyAcquire and see how useful it will be for your business.

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