4 April 2018

Information Security and ME!

Marketing Team

Information security is such a wide ranging global subject; you should ask yourself 'how does it relate to me?'

Willis Towers Watson Networks IT Director Tom Gill will show you the stark reality of how it relates to you, in two forthcoming webinars covering Information Security.

Tom will demystify the terminology and in plain terms explain why this is a subject that affects you, and how you can be affected by the actions of others. These webinars are not about stopping a potential hack, but a practical insight into why you must take your information security seriously, who should take responsibility for it and ensure that responsibility becomes everyone’s watchword.

The webinars will highlight where risks and vulnerabilities come from and what you need to look out for. Are you one click away from being frozen out of your IT systems, for instance? Information security is about protecting YOUR business; can you really ignore taking the right steps of protection? Tom will take you through:

  • what you need to consider to keep your business safe and running
  • the practicality of what is involved and;
  • helping you plan for coping with an incident.

There will also be an opportunity to ask Questions of our IT expert!

So, look out for the Business Schools' formal invite to these webinars which will appear in your inboxes very soon!

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