4 April 2018

Podcasting – a new personal development service

Marketing Team

Podcasting is a free and easy way to download content and listen to it at your leisure. Podcasts span virtually every aspect of life: from entertainment, to business, to learning and personal development. In fact 25% of UK adults regularly access podcasts. Since early January, we have been working on developing our very own podcasting channel “MyLearning” and we are pleased to announce it is now available for you to subscribe to.

Those of you who are familiar with podcasting will know how simple it is to download and listen to interesting and insightful material on your phone or tablet, at your convenience.

For those of you not so familiar with it, podcasting is a service available on most smart phones and tablets. You subscribe to a podcasting channel which then enables you to access different audio content, each one of which is known as an “episode”. You can download and listen to the episode at any time. Subscription is always free and you will also be notified when any new episodes are added to the channel.

'MyLearning' will be used to promote the wide range of training material we provide to you via our Business School. The very popular web clinics hosted by Jim Keogh will be added to 'MyLearning', as well as appropriate marketing web clinics hosted by Declan Murray and Graham Goodman. These will also be supplemented by other technical bulletins and material throughout the year.

If you have an iPhone or Apple device, all you need to do is:

  • Click on the podcast icon on your home screen.
  • Within the search bar, type in: MyLearning. You will then see our channel (it will display the Networks logo).
  • Click on the channel, you will then be able to subscribe and download all current and future episodes.

Due to certain issues Google are experiencing, it is not possible to currently upload podcasts to Android devices at the moment. However 'MyLearning' is available through Spotify.

Three web clinics are available NOW to download. These cover:

  • Driverless Cars – 10 Unanswered Questions
  • Shining a Light on Underinsurance.
  • How to conduct a SWOT Analysis

We welcome your feedback, please feel free to share any ideas for future podcast episodes and we hope you enjoy this fantastic new service!

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