22 March 2018

Need some muscle behind you?

Marketing Team

Just last month a Northern based Network Member was attacking a new business Property Owners opportunity with a new client.

The holding broker had a good relationship with their insurer which meant that this avenue was closed. At £50,000 GWP per annum on a 3-year deal this was not a battle our Network Member was giving up on lightly. They approached our Insurance Relations Team via their dedicated Business Partner Julie McCarthy to see what options they could offer. Julie and Market Making and Development Director, Jonathan de Mendonca formulated an approach to Axa to give terms in this battle.

Axa provided similar terms to the clients existing cover, based over three years enabling our Network Member to make an impressive pitch to the client, including being supported by the resources of Willis Towers Watson in delivering their clients requirements, and in turn being awarded the £150,000 account on a three year term.

This is a real example of a Network Member winning business because of the relationship and leverage their Network could bring to add to secure the win and the great engagement with our key partner AXA.

The moral of this example, when you are in danger of losing the deal, having a bit of muscle behind you gives you more resources to put forward and win the business.

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