1 February 2018

Why is content so important and how can we help you demonstrate your expertise?

Marketing Team

What does 'Content' really mean and why is it that marketers repeatedly extol the benefits of content?

Content is 'words', and 'words' are powerful! What we read has a profound impact on our decision making process. If we read something exceptionally positive about a product, we are far more inclined to purchase it. Whereas a negative comment will likely turn us off. In the services industry content plays an even more important role which is: 'educating your audience'. – After all who reads Trip Advisor before booking their hotel?

Let us think about a common scenario. A potential client is starting a business that is specialising in food & drink. They have invested considerable time, effort and money in developing the business and now require specialist insurance, which they intend to purchase from an Insurance Broker, which they are researching via the internet.

Is the client more likely to select a Broker that has:

  • Clearly demonstrated their expertise through the value and quality of the content on their website?
  • Select a Broker whose website doesn’t provide material or evidence to demonstrate their expertise?

I think we can all agree the client would select a Broker that has 'Clearly demonstrated their expertise through appropriate content on their website'.

So how we can we help you demonstrate your expertise with content?

Great news - we have a major content strategy underway for 2018 to support you and your business.

  • Covernotes (our FREE branded commercial e-newsletter) will continue to be published three times a year with insightful topics relevant to current issues.
  • In addition, we will now be producing monthly articles covering both general issues and topics relating to our Specialist Practice Group's.

The articles will be added to the article library in MyAcquire and are there for you take advantage of and benefit from. Similar versions of these articles will also be added to www.cherrypickedInsurance.com, to entice more prospects and clients to look at your profile, and ultimately do business with you.

And there will be even more content on its way to you as we work with our various Partner Suppliers to source expertise and insight into current and appropriate topics.

Content is often the swing factor that helps you win business, plus it also plays an important role in how Google ranks your website. The more quality content you have, the higher you will rank on Google’s natural listings. This is a significant benefit to any business as you can quickly establish a brand presence that may otherwise have taken years to achieve.

If you would assistance with content or any queries in relation to the above, please contact us.

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