1 February 2018

Stand out from the crowd with the MyBroker App

Marketing Team

At Live! we launched a video demonstrating the features and benefits of the MyBroker App in just 90 seconds, in addition to including a flyer in all attendees conference packs.

The app is designed to help you stand out from the crowd by enabling you to provide exceptional customer service and demonstrate a superior technological advantage over your competitors. So if you were not at Live! or didn’t see the video during the day, please click here to view.

As a reminder, the key features and benefits of the MyBroker app are:

  • 24/7 access to documents
    Your clients can access their documents any time in a restricted and secure manner.
  • Motor & General Incident Assistance
    The app provides guidance on what to do in the event of a motor or general incident. This includes geolocation tracking, photo & voice recording and noting any police involvement, injuries, witnesses, third parties and other important information, as well as what to do next.
  • Contact Information
    The app will provide your clients with full contact details for your team and they can even connect with them on social media!
  • Recommendations
    It’s not just your clients that benefit from the app. Your clients can recommend you to their friends and colleagues

All at the touch of a button!

Due to the amount of queries we received after Live! we will now be producing a similar branded MyBroker App video for each Network Member, FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU!! If you need any help in getting going and taking best advantage of all this tool has to offer, we will come to your offices to not only help get you up and running with managing your clients data in the app, but also to assist you with promoting it to your clients and prospects too!

The cost for the App is £500 deposit to set it up initially, and another £500 to continue with it after a trial period. In addition there are hosting fees of £45 per quarter. This is exceptional value for an app.

To learn more about it and the benefits it can offer to your business, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Adam Holboj, Declan Murray or Graham Goodman.

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