29 January 2018

How we help Networks Members with our Tech Desk

Marketing Team

Tech Desk is about helping Networks Members with queries they have on wordings or claims, plus many other areas besides! It is not advisory, it is opinion based on experience to help clarify what the issue is and to suggest a way forward. Here are just a few examples of the queries we helped our Network Members resolve in 2017, equating to over £3millions GWP. You can access this FREE service, plus more as a Network Member.

  • Insurance Act query around the secure and legal proof of email delivery? Does the Act change this requirement?
  • Road Traffic Accident query with a foreign driver at fault without a Green Card.
  • A £20,000 PI claim query where the insurer stated the claim was not covered on the demolition PI Policy
  • A ground worker laid the wrong colour road surface. The Insurer stated this was defective workmanship?
  • Gable Insurance Broker PI query - what could a client do if a non UK insurer went bust?

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