23 October 2017

You really do decide the future of your Network

Marketing Team

Unlike many other networks, Willis Towers Watson Networks is guided by a Member led Governance Committee. The Governance Committee is essential in shaping the strategy and future of where our Network is going. They work closely with the Willis Towers Watson Networks Executive to ensure that what we deliver is relevant to help individual Network Members. 

This year Matthew Collins, (Ascend Broking Group) and Justin Thornhill (JRT Insurance) join Roger Gaunt (Gauntlet Group); Mike McNulty (Stephensons Risk Management); Elizabeth Foster (Ingram Hawkins and Nock); Richard Gorrill (Mainstay Insurance), Paul Lawrence (Lawrence Fraser) and Richard Willis (Willis Insurance and Risk Management) to lead Willis Towers Watson Networks towards 2020 and beyond.

Would you like to be part of this? Contact us now to find how you can be part of the future!

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