12 September 2017

Do you pay to talk to your Prospects & Clients? It is FREE for our Network Members

Marketing Team

Creating sales campaigns, talking to your clients and keeping a track of relationships needs a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Many systems are available and you can pay a substantial amount for them, including their training and support, and you may well be restricted in usage because of individual licence charges too. 

We recognised this and developed “MyAcquire”, a CRM system built by brokers with brokers in mind. We give this FREE to our Network Members to use. We give FREE training by our dedicated marketing team; there is NO RESTRICTION on usage or licencing fees; there is also ongoing FREE UK based support for you to get the most out of “MyAcquire”. Why pay for something you can have for FREE?

Network Members who use “MyAcquire” do see their businesses grow and they develop better relationships with their clients. Sales campaigns are easy to design and execute, and you can track these to help measure your success. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming in May 2018, you will need to be more aware of how you handle your data. “MyAcquire” can help you keep track of these important conversations.

Why not have a FREE demonstration and let us show you what it can do for you?


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