26 June 2017

A Testimonial from a Network Member on support received

Marketing Team

Our business is not all about getting you in front of the right insurer and making the right deal, although that is an important part of what we do. We also help our Network Members improve their own internal processes and ensure they are compliant. This is a support area which our Network Members find particularly helpful.

Our team were asked to help a Network Member in the North East with the formulation of their own Risk Register, and this is what the Networks Member said:

"I would just like to put on record my thanks to Mark and Anne for the time spent discussing and formulating our Risk Register".

"I have to say I found the process very worthwhile and thought provoking, covering a broad range of those issues that we all know need to be addressed, but never seem to get round to! The register itself is an excellent piece of work, and has focused our minds to put in place procedures and plans to help us to confidently move forward in the coming years."

"I would certainly recommend this as a very useful exercise to undertake for any Network Member."

"This is another area of support we offer which you can access when you become part of our family."

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