26 June 2017

Helping our Network Members with industry issues – Cyber and Ogden

Marketing Team

One of our main roles is ensuring our Network Members have a wide understanding of industry issues and importantly put them in a position to confidently explain how these can impact on their clients business. Recently there has been the “WannaCry” cyber-attack which caused a lot of disruption and in turn a lot of enquiries to our Network Members from their own clients on how they can protect their business. To help them respond appropriately, we provide them with many suitable articles which they can personalise and send to their clients. We have also undertaken interactive training sessions for our Network Members to be more informed on Cyber, ahead of the launch of our brand new Cyber Product which is launching in July.

Our proactive approach in this area has also led to The Insurance Times partnering with Willis Towers Watson Networks for a Cyber event in London in November. Don’t miss out on attending; watch this space for further details.

Understanding the impact of “Ogden” is creating some eye-catching headlines such as “estimated £3.5 billion loss across all lines of business” (ref – EY article Insurance Business 15 June 2017). We have been very busy providing training webinars (with over 120 participants) and communications to help our Network Members explain the potential impact on their clients’ premiums. Network Members have also used many of our articles published on this subject to inform their clients of the potential impact of Ogden upon their business. We provide a bi-monthly newsletter Networks Members can brand to use as their own and send to their clients on topical business insurance issues and in our last edition, the first topic was Ogden.

We are now offering guidance around the legislation changes around the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into effect in 2018. Our objective is to ensure our Network Members are fully informed so they can make the necessary changes in their own business, as well as being able to confidently discuss all aspects of GDPR with their clients. 

If you would like to learn more about how we support our Network Members deal with Industry and Regulatory issues, why not arrange a short meeting with us. You will be impressed about the support we have available.

Find out more about our Business School and how you can use it for your benefit here.



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