6 June 2017

MyAcquire - Exclusive launch at Forum

Marketing Team

Forum is only next week and we have a packed agenda full of fantastic material. 

The marketing team are particularly looking forward to launching MyAcquire – our new and technically enhanced CRM system. MyAcquire is the next evolution of the current Acquire system and delivers a sleeker and more user friendly experience.

Graham Goodman and Declan Murray will be hosting a series of Workshops on the second day of Forum, where they will be discussing the “5 key benefits of embracing MyAcquire” and the lifetime of benefits it will deliver to your business.

If you would like more specific details of the new functionalities please do take the opportunity to seek out Declan or Graham to obtain your first viewing of the enhanced system, which includes 35 notable unique capabilities such as:

  • The addition of a new data extraction function, providing a user the ability to extract any report they require.
  • A new simple data import mechanism, which allows a user to be able to easily import data from any spreadsheet without the need for it to be added to the standard import template first.
  • A new fuzzy logic search function (i.e.: the ability to search without the worry of using and/& or Ltd/Limited).
  • Duplicate check when adding new clients.
  • And the system will be mobile/tablet responsive providing the ability of using it on the move.

Details of the MyAcquire roll out and associated training will be issued during July, so please keep an eye out for further information, or remember to look out for Declan and Graham at Forum who will be happy to discuss this with you.


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