Achieve business growth via sales & marketing


Business is about achieving sales, and our team is here to help you deliver.

As a Network Member, you’ll benefit from the experience of our in-house marketing consultants, who will guide you through a whole range of sales and marketing activities.

At all times you have been professional, objective, not to mention creative and everything has come together perfectly on time.

Alistair Hart, Harts Insurance

From the first impression you give your customers, which could be via your website, through to delivering impactful sales campaigns, our consultants will give you as much practical help, support and advice as you require to help you achieve your business growth aspirations.

We’ll give you access to ‘Acquire’, a bespoke CRM system that allows you to track your clients’ details, build a robust sales pipeline and deploy sales campaigns. We will also provide you with full system training and support.

As part of our service, we will audit your website and advise you how to make the most impact. Your website is your shop window – the public representation of your brand, and we will advise you how to get more people visiting it, promoting your business to best effect.

We can help you with sales leads targeting, telemarketing, social media and lead generation; direct mail; and specific industry targeting, advising you how to better engage with your prospects and customers.

Whatever your needs, our dedicated in-house team will help you drive your business growth.

The support we received in working through and tendering our small commercial business has greatly enhanced our efficiency, profitability and relationships with partner insurers.

Richard Bright & Justin Thornhill, JRT Insurance