Enjoy the independence of being a broker with ambitious future plans

Appointed Representatives

As an Appointed Representative, you can concentrate on building your customer base and business, without the costs, risks and pressures of setting up an FCA-registered brokerage.

The support we received in working through and tendering our small commercial business has greatly enhanced our efficiency, profitability and relationships with partner insurers.

Richard Bright & Justin Thornhill, JRT Insurance

By working alongside an existing brokerage with significant premium volumes, you’ll have greater impact and influence with insurers, rather than setting up your own agency.

It’s up to you whether you remain as an Appointed Representative or use it as a springboard to start your own brokerage and become a Network Member.

We have Network Members across the UK looking to work with you and help grow your business together. Talk to us today about how we can help you realise your ambitions.