Members enjoy exceptional growth & success


Our ability to share and access knowledge and experience with fellow Network Members and the Willis Towers Watson Group is an invaluable benefit for our business. I found the various meetings useful and actually interacting with other brokers was also very enlightening.

Paul Lawrence, Lawrence Fraser Brokers

We had a prospective client who had a requirement for Intellectual Property Rights coverage. Whilst we are familiar with the cover and how it works, we did not have any agencies with insurers that we could approach directly for terms. However, our membership of the Willis Towers Watson Network allowed us to access the Willis Towers Watson Finex practice who provided various quotations with which we went on to win a substantial account. They are also now assisting us in increasing the levels of cover required substantially. I have no doubt that our success in winning and maintain this, and indeed other cases was entirely due to our membership of the Willis Towers Watson Network and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other independent insurance brokers. They always go the extra mile to deliver.

Garry Tommy, Brownhills

International Forum was enjoyable and worthwhile; the work-related sessions were informative and instructive providing a good platform for us to focus and expand our plans for the evolution and growth of our business.

Alan Johnston, Moreland Insurance Brokers

The broking and placement consultancy we received from Willis Towers Watson has helped greatly in increasing the attention we receive from our partner insurers resulting in enhanced growth for our respective businesses.

Andy Johnson, Woodward Markwell

Through the “Focus on You” programme we receive valuable input from the Willis Towers Watson team which allows us to share and shape our plans for our business.

Steve Beeley, Routen Chaplin

In terms of this year’s Forum, I would say that it was the best Forum I’ve attended, and I’ve been to a lot of them. The key to it was the choice of topics, they were relevant for every member. By focusing on specific areas of business and bringing in industry experts it allows us to become specialists rather than generalists. The format, the delivery and of course the location were all truly excellent.

Richard Gorrill, Mainstay Insurance

The support we received in working through and tendering our small commercial business has greatly enhanced our efficiency, profitability and relationships with partner insurers.

Richard Bright & Justin Thornhill, JRT Insurance

The venue was excellent with the conference facilities being particularly good. As usual the organisation of the whole event was seamless. This year’s format and content helped to illustrate how and why links with Willis Towers Watson can help us all and I hope will result in positive outcomes. The insurers present were also able to tailor their approach to the sectors we identified. Finally the opportunity to catch up with other Network members is always an important part of conference. So, overall, another successful event and well worth attending.

Maurice Logie, Moreland Insurance Brokers

One of the added benefits we have found from being a Network Member is not having to do business in isolation. We have found the opportunity to meet with like-minded colleagues who encounter similar issues and listening to their solutions has given us food for thought in how we continue to grow our own business. This was an unexpected, but very welcome benefit, which we would now rank highly as one of our major reasons for being a Member..

Christine Cogswell, Melksham Insurance